-All Veterinary Records of Vaccines, Exams, Spay/Nueter Certificate



-Detailed List of Supplies Needed Before Bringing Dog Home




TRUSTED K9 TRAININGoffers a lifelong partnership with every adoption to ensure the success of the dog in its new home.

Additional value included with each adoption:

rescued & trained puppies for adoption




-Personalized Training Packet Designed for Each Individual Dog


Trusted K9 Training 

Dog Training Services






Trusted K9 Training is helping to give unwanted puppies and dogs a second chance at a forever home.  Too many people get puppies/dogs without the knowledge of the hard work and time required to raise them.  Potty training, chewing, teething, barking, whining, jumping and vet visits are all part of bringing a puppy/dog into your home.  Sadly, a lot of owners don't have the knowledge or patience and end up surrendering their puppies/dogs.  This program is designed to set YOU up for success while helping young puppies and dogs find homes!

Trusted K9 Training takes these animals from these situations and provides the time, love, leadership, training, quality diet and vet care they need to build a solid foundation for their next home.  All of the puppies and dogs live with me in my home for multiple weeks and receive all of the following:

All Vaccines, Socialization, Potty Training, Crate Training, Spay/Neuter, Wellness Exams, Fecal Test, House Manners, Leash Training and Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Come, Place, Waiting for Food).

Trusted K9 Training does the bulk of the work for you to ensure that each dog is ready to be your next beloved family member! All dogs in the program go through a minimum of 4 weeks of training before they are adopted.  This also allows me to determine the temperament and personality of each to match them with new owners who are most compatible. By doing this there are NO surprises or guess work once you bring the dog home! Adoption fees range and are based on total costs invested in each dog (food, medical needs, etc), breed, temperament, and level of training.  Costs for services I provide, when done independently, can easily exceed $4000 plus time and travel! After dogs are adopted I offer a free lesson on day of adoption to show you how to maintain all of the new things the puppy has learned.  I am also available to answer any questions you may have after you bring the puppy into your home, for the life of the dog! When you adopt a dog from Trusted K9 Training you are investing in a lifelong partnership....and that is PRICELESS.
*Adoption fees subject to change.

meet the puppies:

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"We were fortunate to adopt our puppy through Trusted K9 Training.  Lindsay's devotion to the welfare of the dogs that she works with, as well as her thorough training of the dogs and the people :) and post-adoption support, have made the experience of adding a new member to our family the joy that it should be. Too many times, we have seen families and/or puppies very unhappy after an adoption because one or both were not prepared, and we're so glad to have found and worked with a caring professional to have a wonderful experience."-John & Kristen 2016

-1-2 Hour Lesson at Adoption, Includes House Set Up, Crating, Feeding, Training and Potty Training Procedures





-Lifelong Partnership With Trusted K9 Training & Unlimited Training Support via Text/Email




The Adoption Process & Requirements:

 No application necessary!  I make the adoption process as easy as possible. If you are interested in meeting one or more dogs listed on this site, please contact me to schedule an appointment.  You can come and spend some time to get to know both the dog and myself. This time also allows me to get to know and qualify you as well.

In most cases, multiple appointments are scheduled in the same day. Appointment times are based on the order that requests are received so don't delay! At the time of your appointment, the dog is available to be adopted, but may or may not be available to take home right away. Puppies are at least 10 weeks old at the time of the Meet & Greet and have yet to complete their vaccines, spay or neuter surgery, and training. These things are typically completed at 4-5 months old and are mandatory. I take the wellbeing of my puppies very seriously and exceptions will not be made.

The adoption fee and signed Change of Ownership/Liability Release Form are required up front to secure a dog's adoption. Deposits for half the adoption fee may be left if you need more time to think. I understand it is a big decision! This will hold your position in line and is fully refundable. However, if multiple families are visiting a puppy in the same day, deposits might not be accepted.

As mentioned, I do most of my qualifying during our appointment and have few requirements and restrictions set in stone. However, I do have to insist that the families who adopt from me be homeowners. Apartment and rental situations where there is a potential of moving and facing new pet restrictions is unfair to a dog and is one of the primary causes for re-homing. Exceptions may be made and will be judged on an individual basis.

Having lived with each dog for an average of 4 weeks before scheduling Meet & Greets, I gain a better understanding of each puppy and their needs. For that reason I am able to successfully match up each puppy with a family and lifestyle they are best suited for. Whether a dog is high or low energy, will do well as an "only child" or needs a canine companion, or if they enjoy being around children or not, are all questions I can answer to the best of my knowledge. Thank you very much for taking the time to review this information. I look forward to meeting you!

-20% off Boarding & Advanced Training Services for Life

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