"Blue"  is a mixed breed and is the happy go lucky one of the bunch despite her resting bitch face :). She has a great attitude, loves to work and helps in the training of reactive dogs and socializing puppies..

"Westley" Pekapoo. He was given up by his owners for fighting with the other dogs and biting children. He has a huge personality and is secretely plotting to take over the world . With lots of structure and boundaries, he is now a member of her pack and aids in training and socializing.


Founder/Head Trainer

"...you gave us peace of mind, sanity, leash skills & so much more. Thank you for being reliable and trustworthy."-Lauren O   


"Chonias" Boxer, was found at a seminar in Arizona. She was left at a boarding kennel and had reactivity and redirection issues. Lots of work, structure and training and this girl is by my side and now helps in training as the "distraction" dog.

"Payun" Dogo Argentino, Lindsay's first challenging rescue. He taught her the value of trust and leadership and the importance of creating calmness. He passed away from cancer and she wouldn't trade a minute of her time with him for the world.

"Tyson" Boxer, Lindsay's sidekick. He was named after TYSON chicken brand because he was so fearful of everything when she rescued him (get it? he was a chicken! :)  He is now a happy confident guy who aided in the training and rehabilitation of other fearful dogs. He is now a senior and is on light duty and helps with teaching kids how to work with dogs.. RIP August 2023

Lindsay always had a passion for animals, but it wasn't until her brother, Matt, was diagnosed with terminal cancer that she discovered first hand the life altering positive effect a dog can have on an individual and their family.  Her family went and picked out a puppy because it was one of Matt's last requests.  This puppy brought joy and love to a house that was filled with fear, pain and depression. This little puppy got Matt out of bed to go and sit by her crate in the night when she was whimpering.  This puppy was there through the doctors visits, the tears, and Matt's final days. This puppy was there to make the family move on, to remind them to get out of bed in the morning and to remind them to laugh again.  That's when Lindsay's passion for dogs developed. She thought , "This dog, does so many things for us, yet asks for nothing in return."  Since then she felt compelled to help other people become aware of the gift of dogs and how gaining the trust & respect of a dog is powerful to one's life. 

She began working alongside a positive only  trainer studying dog psychology.  This wasn't enough, she wanted to learn more and get deeper involved.  She abandoned the Art degree she was pursuing to attend a specialized dog training school at a board and train facility in Riverside, California studying under Master Trainer, Karen Duet. Here she gained months of valuable hands on experience practicing balanced training with different temperaments, breeds, and ages. She continues to learn and study to gain knowledge of the craft. She believes learning never stops and continues to attend seminars and continuing education courses to continue to develop.

Lindsay knows first hand the struggles of owning a dog with behavior issues.  When she adopted  her sidekick, Tyson, a 7 month old Boxer, he struggled with severe leash reactivity towards dogs and fear aggression towards men. Lindsay experienced all avenues of the dog training world for him and found that the balanced training approach was the most effective and created a calmer, happier dog that could make better choices.  Lindsay knows that each dog has different needs and needs to be handled as such. She customizes each training plan to best fit the individual dog and owner. She believes that the key to a good relationship with your dog is trust, only after you have trust can you gain respect.  Lindsay teaches dog owners how to build a trusting relationship with their dog through leadership training, obedience drills, feeding and exercise regimens.

In 2015 fellow trainer of Come Sit Stay K9 invited her to be involved in her adoption program. The program is designed to rescue abandoned dogs and give them a chance at being placed with a compatible home.  Dogs in the program receive all required medical treatment, along with months of consistent socialization and training to ensure that they will be placed in forever home. 

In 2016 Lindsay began assisting in the rehab and training of fearful unsocialized rescued dogs with Second Chance Sato. Lindsay also worked along side Bridge to Home Animal Rescue to help rehab and rehome difficult dogs. She now currently helps struggling owners privately to safely rehome dogs into a more suitable home. Lindsay has successfully trained hundreds of dogs and their owners.

Lindsay is on a mission to educate and improve the lives of dog owners and their dogs by helping them create a balanced state of mind and build a solid, lasting relationship. She teaches struggling owners how to close the gaps in communication with their dogs to gain a clear conversation of trust and respect. By offering dog training services to Eighty Four and surrounding areas of Pittsburgh she hopes to reduce the amount of owner surrenders.

Seminars and Courses Attended/Completed:

K9 Companions Dog Trainer Course
Lionheart K9 Training Seminar
Nelson Hodges : The Art of Leash Handling
Nelson Hodges : Relationship Based Behavior Modification
Tony Ancheta : Internet Supported Training Arrangement Koehler Method
Michael Ellis Dog Training School :  Obedience Intensive
Michael Ellis Dog Training School : Behavior Modification 

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