the greatest gift you can give your dog is to includethem in your life

About Trusted K9 Training

Trusted K9 Training believes that trust and respect are key fundamentals of having a well balanced relationship with your dog. Many dog owners who have completed other training programs with minimal results turn to us as a last resort. Trusted K9 Training uses a unique and highly-effective training approach that consistently delivers results that surpass our clients’ expectations. We address the emotional and physical well-being of your dog and specialize in "state of mind" behavioral training, as well as innovative low-level communication-style e-collar training. We offer a variety of dog training services for Washington County, Allegheny County and surrounding areas of Pittsburgh. We use reward based balanced training to create a foundation of trust with your dog.

Whether you have a rambunctious puppy that needs guidance and manners, a hard to manage dog, or a more serious case of reactivity or fear, Trusted K9 Training can help you achieve your training goals. Trusted K9 Training will work with any breed, any age, any size.

"When my boyfriend and Bowser (120 lbs of American Bulldog) moved in, I really needed help. The dogs would only listen to my boyfriend!  Lindsay helped me gain confidence and control so that I was respected by both dogs in the house. Life is much easier now that I know how to be the leader." -N.Y.    


"I was pretty embarrassed admitting that as a certified dog trainer myself, I could not train my stubborn cane corso puppy. Through Lindsay, I learned my training method that I was taught was completely wrong for Sophia ( plus I am a complete sap for her and baby her all the time.... eeek). Therefore Sophia did not "respect" me and thought of me as only play.  Lindsay was great at keeping me updated on Sophia's progress  by email every day. She also posted youtube videos on Sophia's training. The pictures on Facebook were greatly appreciated too!!! Sophia's been home a week now and she is a completely changed dog! She's alot calmer now. She has manners too! She listens to me and "respects" me now. Lol. There are not enough thank yous in the world to give Lindsay! Not only did Sophia learn but I did as well!"- Sara D.

Trusted K9 Training 

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